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In which I address Crispin Glover as if he was listening, even though I know he's not.

"Give a holler and hate me, HATE ME, go ahead hate me; I love you." Yeah, so... I'm lonely and pissed off, which is rarely a good combination. So I think I'm going to talk about Crispin Glover.

First, some stills of Crispin in the upcoming Simon Says. Oh baby doll. (Yes, I did get that phrase off of Huntress on Justice League Unlimited. Shush.) *purrpurrpurr* Thanks for doing another horror movie, Crispin! Even if there aren't any rats in this one...

Moving on, saltedpin alerted me to this interview, which is extremely thorough and interesting. But there were a couple bits I wanted to highlight:

"Sometimes I meet some of the hardcore [fans]. There was one girl at the signing who has done a website about me that I had seen. I’m very appreciative of that and that kind of thing is very good for business. I’m glad to meet those people and I’m very encouraging of them to continue. I have no qualms about people saying good things about me. I don’t think of myself as a sex symbol and I don’t think I get called that. But I certainly know that there are women that are interested and that’s good."

... please, dear god, don't let that be me. Since it'd mean he also mistook me for a girl. Um. Anyway, I mean, c'mon, ratpr0n is really about, um, Willard, and in no way, shape, or form is it intended as an excuse to drool over Crispin. Uh. I don't know whether that's sarcasm or not. Still, it's sorta giving me the heebie-jeebies, even if it isn't necessarily referring to my site. At least I wish I had more smart-sounding content on there. Anyone want to write an essay about Willard for me? You know you do.

Also, psst... Crispin! It's not just women who are interested.

"Racism means to classify by race which is a very different than hating someone for their race. On some level just to classify by race, such as homo sapien is racist."

*blinks* I think you fucked up a little Crispin... that sounds more like specism (species-ism?). And... yeah. Go reread about the difference between race and species as they apply to human beings and try that again.

"I feel that any music that has stanzas or refrains is procultural because it comes from a proletariat working class history that started at least from the serfs in the Middle Ages when they would sing in that fashion. It represents a middle class point of view and it makes people feel emotionally feel good about being a working class person. I feel that rock music is all procultural and people tend to get really mad about it. [*snip*] The ruling class’ music was a nonlingual educated point of view which is now called classical or post-Beethoven romantic era music. That music has gone away because the middle class overthrew the ruling class. When this culture is listening to rock music it is listening to the anthem that is proculturalism. Even though there are these subcategories of stanza and refrain music like rap, alternative or whatever words they use to categorize, they really are all ultimately harkening back to the working class anthems."

I love you and your work dearly, Crispin, but this is an issue where your opinion makes me roll my eyes. Repeat after me: bourgeois is not necessarily a bad thing. Deep breaths.

Crispin, I know you've brought up the counter-culture of the '60s before as an example. And looking back at that era it's obvious that lyrical music played a significant role in defining and expressing the beliefs and emotions of not only the hippie counter-culture but the art culture of the sixties and seventies of which Andy Warhol (and The Velvet Underground) was a part. Now they are mainstream, of course, and Bob Dylan has appeared in an ad for Victoria's Secret. Does that mean mainstream and pro-cultural are one and the same (or that underground and counter-cultural, for that matter)? I don't think so, necessarily, although it's hard to tell because I think the definitions of both 'pro-' and 'counter-culture' are rather dodgy. It's very subjective, and there's no earthly way to get an objective view of what is or isn't pro- or counter-cultural, particularly when I think it's clear that in our culture certain movements may cross over from the counter-cultural to the pro-cultural as they begin to be marketed toward a large audience (the hippie protest movement, as I noted, and I think rap/hip-hop may fall into this category to some extent as well).

Furthermore, this makes me wonder whether he's considering all lyrical music to fall into this trap... or does it just fall to any kind of music with repetition in the form of stanzas or refrains? Is opera excused? How about light opera? What about music and forms developed before the Middle Ages and in the period leading up to the Baroque era? (Any music theory students want to help me out and enlighten me here?) What about religious music? Wouldn't any music with an overt (or covert, I guess) religious message or connotation be inherently pro-cultural? Besides, classical music has not 'gone away' as he puts it; it is still played and respected, and there are still a small number of people working in the field who are having some success composing '"nonlingual, educated" music. (Granted, a number of them also work composing for film, but that isn't the point.) I'm not saying that most of what is out there today for public consumption isn't rather bland and tasteless, geared toward the lowest common denominator. But that's really most everything: film, artwork, writing, you name it. We're talking Sturgeon's Law, here.

In other words: I think it's a little pretentious and silly to say that the only music that can be against the grain of the culture is that which is not derived from the working-class model he referenced. Dude, Crispin, I kinda think you read this somewhere and now you're repeating it (which isn't a bad thing; I do it far more often than I'm willing to admit). Of course, if it is a conclusion you support of your own accord... well, bully for you. Gah, FUCK, I want to debate this.

*is not just another dumb, red-headed fan, hahhah!*

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