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Welcome to the world of the atheists...

Holidays have become almost nonexistent in my family. By which I mean me, my father, our four cats, and my two rats. Almost no presents, a casually nice dinner the night before, and then we went out and saw The Producers today. Just me and my father did. We left the animals at home.

And that movie, by the way, is the gayest gay that ever did gay. Not only overtly, with the joking and the guy who wears a dress, but... dude. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick were so doing it. I mean, uh, Bloom/Bialystock. Yeah, yeah. >_> And, yes, I've seen the original, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't the first thought to come into my head. But boy was it ever in this one! ... I want nauseatingly cute fan art now. Damn and blast.

Speaking of nauseatingly cute fan art...

Pendergast and D'Agosta, whee!

More Pendergast/D'Agosta, drawn mostly so that ghostgecko can associate Santa with something sexy rather than this. Or in addition to that, at least. :D Also, if you want more (slightly twisted, but oh-so-sexy) X-mas fanstuff, read his Charlies Angels story All I Want. Oh, Eric Knox/The Thin Man... snuggly and yet scary, just as they should be.

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