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23 July 2006 @ 09:52 pm
"I'm trying to write an lj entry and sucking at it."  
Hey, yo. I'm sorry, you may have forgotten about me by now, what with the no updates in forever. Insert sad emoticon here, etc., etc.

I started my summer classes on Monday. German and Art History II. It's... going. Right now I have a bundle of German homework to do, and unfortunately some of it requires a listening cd or something? A cd I don't have. A cd that the school has, somewhere. I dislike this arrangement. It confuses me. (The answers seem mostly to be in the back of the book. I may have to cheat on the listening ones.)

I saw Pirates yesterday! A week behind everyone else! Yaaaaay! And yet the theatre was still super-crowded. Anyway, my thoughts are thus: Orlando Bloom is boring, Davy Jones is awesome, Norrington got badass/hot, and I would like an undead monkey.

Okay, so I edited this and this... both are entries on the Fan History wiki about BttF fandom. So, you know, the relevant people can read them over for accuracy. If they want to.

Internet, have you finally gone insane? That is a parody of the "All Your Base" video, now redone as "All Your Snakes." This is like ouroboros, literally (snakes!) and figuratively (the Internet is eating itself!).

And, also in the realm of amusing the hell out of dorky people, it's the fictional characters anonymous hate meme! Someone play Venture Brothers or Back to the Future with me? Please?

Off to try to write and/or draw now. Or something. ghostgecko and I have a very fun idea for a movie script to collaborate on. It's awesome possum. But not with possums. Think rodent rather than marsupial.
Current Mood: lazylazy
DrWorm: an honest mandrworm on July 24th, 2006 08:51 pm (UTC)
Oh... but was the longer Doc post yours? *curious*

And that second Diogenes isn't me! I want to know who it is now. But the Aloysius in that thread is me. And the D'Agosta now.

Whaaaaa, oh no. :( It is super-fun, but less fun when you are essentially replying to yourself.
R is for Raygun: It sees you!kleenexwoman on July 25th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
As much as I would like to take credit for either of them, I am not. (Squeaky toys. Heheh.) I am not that great with in-character RPing. Tends to take me a long time to think up responses that are lame; an eternal shame of mine, because fandom RPing is such fun to do. I have had half a day to think up responses to half a dozen entries and I have not done so yet, for I am lame.

On an unrelated note, about Horrorfind: If I managed to get to your house before you left, whenever you are leaving for it, could you take me along? Elisa said she would sell me her ticket and hotel room for cheap, and the only thing I'm missing is transportation. I do so want to go.