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I need a fix 'cause I'm going goin' down...

Down to the place that I left uptown...

All my subjects will henceforth be song lyrics, it seems. Hmm... lala.

I'm... perky! Ah, no! But it's Friday and it's my protest day! Ah... protest...

Today is the day that they burn the Raven.


To all the people who don't go to my school... ^^;; Ehehe... thay don't burn a real raven. They burn an effigy... because our rival team's mascot is a raven. I've protested this ever since I came to this stupid school... >.< It's barbaric, it's silly, and it's just sick. They put it in a little casket and walk it around the gym... they read it a eulogy for chrissakes. So I've heard. I've never been to that assembly and at the moment I'm trying to figure out how to skip it this year.

Art room. *nods* And yesterday you were supposed to wear all black to 'mourn' the stupid thing. If you had school spirit, that is...

1) You mourn something after it's dead, not before.
2) You're only doing this to get people who normally wear all black involved. We do not like this.
3)I wore all blue. So fuck you all.

Haha... I need to brush my teeth, get out of the house. It's so windy today we had to tie the screen door shut. Ugh.

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