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"I have nothing to give you but my love."

It says so much about my life currently that this is currently my proudest achievement? I mean, that's pretty sad (for me).

I think I'm sick. Like, not just depressed sick, but real sick. I haven't eaten much of anything since yesterday and I feel nauseated.

Okay, pretty much confirmed. Yes, yes, I am sick. I just spent the last ten or so minutes dry-heaving into the toilet. I predict something will come up eventually. :( There's some sort of stomach bug going around at work. How fun.

Please forgive me my major and minor sins of late; I'm sick now and pretty much utterly pathetic. Also, doesn't Layne kind of look like he's going to barf in this icon?

I ♥ you, ghostgecko. Here is a lemur for him. You know what that lemur is saying, with his arms all outstretched like that? He's saying, "Hey, you know how much Seth loves Lew? THHHIIIIISSSSS MUCH!"

And that lemur speaks nothing but truth.
Tags: lemurs, relationship, sick, urbaniak

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