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I'm not sure I like where this is heading...

My neck has been hurting since I got up this morning. Now, it didn't worry me at first because my neck always hurts. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not; due to stress (and being autistic and unable to deflect sensory stress), I pretty much am incapable of relaxing my neck and so it hurts pretty much every minute of every day. So Saturday morning it hurt more than usual, but it didn't concern me until the evening...

Because I realized that it's hurting differently. It's sort of... burning. And aching. And not so bad when I move it side to side or keep it perfectly level, but when I look down the pain increases. :( I am paranoid because I'm pretty sure that this is a symptom of meningitis.

Or, you know, maybe I just slept on it funny.

And now it's the next morning and nothing has changed. :/ And I'm supposed to be at work at one.

[ETA: and I'm still nauseated and all I eat is cereal and I was all falling asleep at work yesterday and I'm frequently confused and slow-moving and have been since Wednesday-ish. Also, I stepped on a tack. :( I give me about three more days on this planet.]
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