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I drew a naked chick and didn't get any comments at all? I mean, I know it's not that great, but holy crap... if nudity can't get your attention these days, what can?

I ordered Drop Dead Sexy (yum Crispin), Bad Dreams (yum Bruce Abbott), and a book about mutation and deformity. It is my present for surviving illness and a 10 hour workday chock-full of selling shoes and rescuing bugs. And soon I shall be the last remaining bug-rescuer, as the only (other) guy there, Dejan, has got a new job and will be leaving at the end of October. I think.

In the world of amusing online developments, I've been friended for unknown reasons by myfandoms. And lily_lemony has investigated the site they are promoting and found it to be laughably MySpace-like and surprisingly high on Bruce Springsteen. If that doesn't just scream "high-class entertainment," I dunno what does. I mean, jeez, I must be incredibly lucky to have been chosen out of the thousands and thousands of... um...

But, seriously, it is pretty funny.

Now, please, if you could all just whip me into finishing my homework...? Okay, and answering emails. Rather than, y'know, screwing around online on the laptop that I just realized was actually working magically and stupendously, as if raised from the dead.
Tags: art, bruce abbott, crispin glover, crown shoes, fandom, school, work

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