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Deep thoughts? Or boys and clothes?

So, I had a bright idea that I can use to fuel my perseverative love of the hunt and my anal retentive love of nitpicking little details. Hooray! What am I doing?

I am putting together a George McFly costume. You think I kid? I do not kid. Even though it's a slightly ridiculous exercise, considering how little I look like George McFly.

<-- not Crispin

Nevertheless! I've discovered that I hate this era's clothes, and at least this exercise amuses me. Unfortunately, George's clothes are... unusual. So far, this is the best piece I've found: a taupe jacket.

And, as you can see when you follow the link, the other problem is that vintage clothes can be, ah, a little pricey. I am going to check local places too, though, so we'll see. (I'm also putting together some Herbert clothes, but that's so easy that I figured I should pick something else more challenging.)

On the subject of boys... okay. Dudes, I suspect it will suck but I do not care; I am seeing Hannibal Rising. Those commercials, that actor. Oh. Oh oh oh oh. HOTT. (Also, Epic Movie. Also, Ghost Rider. But mostly Hannibal Rising right now. Hubba, hubba.)

But, anyway, I've been avoiding my fiction writing homework, so off I go... I'm trying to do better this semester, really, I swear.
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