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15 April 2007 @ 07:23 pm
"Sucks to be you (I know, I know)"  
My cat is asleep beside me. I just thought I'd share that, even though I don't intend to finish this in one setting. Hi, Greebo, you clingy little creature. I love you.

I will tell you what I have been doing with my life: not much. I'm currently infatuated with watching the Internet drama of complete strangers play itself out. It's really great. You're so far removed from it, seriously, it's like television. But better, because you can participate. I'm really into the "Dog Head Girls" right now, i.e. watching furry bitchfights. There's an extra level of surreality there that's so fucking awesome to experience from a distance. In fact, I actually have this vague idea for a short story now about a sideshow/brothel starring animal-headed women. Maybe I can even combine it with the albino opium trader and his tiny pet Chinese dragon, so they're in the same Victorian-fantasy universe or something.

This is what I think about now. I mean, it's less painful than real life. Sorry so emo.

But yeah. I have a ton of writing to do for class that I've been putting off. Don't want to, you know? Okay, that's a lame excuse/explanation.

Oh hay, but I finally typed up my account of seeing Crispin last November. Ouch, I'm so late, I know.

And that concludes my monthly assertion that I'm still technically alive.
Current Mood: lonely