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Oh, Harry Potter, why cain't I quit you?

I stole this from vimeslady. Why must this be so incredibly hot?


In Crispin Glover news: What the Christ? No, Crispin, please... more tour dates of your own movie/s. :(

And... Oh Crispin. You could do better. liiiiiiiiike ME! :D

I like to link to stuff and this is cute, sortakinda. This is totally cute.(This, not so much. Read the comments.... and another 'ouch.' [ETA: Who is this person? And why does he find Crispin hot while simultaneously apparently hating all his movies? Kid, STFU. Too much playing of the "this is disgusting bigotry that no one should ever see or talk about" angle in this review and the review of What Is It? Please chill out, you self-righteous douchebag... and I liked Crispin's whistling 's.' Some of us have sibilant 's'es, all right? Jesus.] And an interview. Okay, I need to quit looking for stuff. I keep on meaning to set up a fan page thing for What Is It? and collect some of these interviews and reviews and everything. Yeah.)

and love them even when they're human
p.s., mr. crispin glover, call me so i can bug you and avoid writing my grammar final exam/papers. or give me your number and i'll call you.
i don't really expect this, but i like to dream on the internet
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