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Maybe if someone dies I'll feel better...

I don't know. No, really. I have no freaking clue. I need to get a clue. Would someone please give me a clue? I'd appreciate it.
I've been questioning a lot of things lately. Like, why I do things and why I'm interested in what I'm interested in. Yaoi/slash/male and male relationships, for example. What a stupid thing to be interested in. I mean...Jesus Christ. Why should I care? I'm a bisexual female, who really doesn't care what males do in relationships...so long as I get sex on the side and can then go home to my lover.
That might be stretching it a bit, actually. But I'm beginning to lose the desire to date men. I still have some sort of sexual urges for them...certainly. Some are still attractive. But...no. No, no, no. Wanting girls now. Girls are prettier, sexier, and I just feel like I should want them more.
Oh, and on the topic of lesbians...I came up with an idea for a comic strip (God help me). I think I want to call it 'Romantic Realists' and the basic premise is a lesbian couple named Candy and Shawn. I've been reading a lot of web comics lately.
Speaking of web comics... Go here:


This is, without a doubt, the best web comic I've been able to find. Polished, pretty, perfected, and crudely humourous. There is no substitute for Sinfest.
Hmmm...anyway. Back to yaoi/slash/fuck-me-upside-the-head-I-just-don't-care-anymore. I think I like yaoi so much because I really can never stand female characters. It's a real problem with me. I couldn't stand Relena, I couldn't stand Usagi, and I *know* I dislike the idea of Vash and Meryl in any kind of romantic relationship. The males always seem so much more interesting (except in Sailor Moon, where you had all sorts of gals to choose from...). Honestly, I think the only series I can stand the females in is 'Star Trek'. I like Seven of Nine. A lot. Because she can hold her own. And maybe she does have to squeexe into those tight outfits, but she looks good and she gets the job done, dammit! Or at least used to.
And, no...I don't like Dana (from 'Sports Night') much. She's just crazy. Stupid (six-month dating plan? What the fuck was that! And then *she* gets all upset about it!). Besides it's just so...so...obvious on that show! Dan and Casey! Casey and Dan! No other way. But I do like Natalie a little bit...and her character compliments Jeremy beautifully. As he does her.
But...I dunno. I do like yuri because...aesthetically...I think it's very beautiful. But I like reading yaoi more.
This is really dumb. This is a weird hobby. Fuck. Why are my hobbies so strange?
I'm in a pissy mood, I guess. Well. Hot damn. Here:

Sexual Life

Someone please read it. It's my Trigun fic. Vash and Wolfwood, together at least. Someone please convince me my hobby is worthwhile in some way. Because I still want to do a young Vash and a young Knives thing. Before I lose interest or develop acute writer's block.
Any takers?
Well...I'm always here...

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