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LOL, posting on livejournal a lot. Well, a lot more than usual. What is wrong with me?

But yeah, this is the real-life post. So let's see. My summer classes finished last Thursday. And for as much as I complained about my poetry writing class, I was actually a little sad to leave it. Some of the people in there didn't suck and were interesting. :( How often does that actually happen in a writing class? Almost never. So yeah, that was a bit sad. But there was I guy in there I'd ended up kind of friendly with, so we decided to go mini-golfing after the last class. Then some other people were like, "Hey, let's go out to a bar!" So David asks me: "Bar or mini-golf?"

I said mini-golf. And he agreed, which really... I mean, he was the one who wanted to go mini-golfing in the first place. But also he didn't quite know where the bar they were talking about was. So yes, we went to Birdieshack, played mini-golf, talked, and had ice cream. It was quite fun, really. We stopped keeping score pretty early on, but I didn't do too bad for not having played in a long time. He was kind of laughing at me for choking down on the club a lot, but then I was like, "I have motor control problems, actually, so I've worked out how compensate." And he was like "Oh, oops, sorry. D:" Then at the end he admitted that it clearly worked. He was also impressed by my freakishly good memory. And we had ice cream. The only crap part was that his cell phone rang a couple times. But hmm. He said he wanted to see Transformers. I should call him and be all, "So, Transformers?" But... I has a shyness.

And today I almost got into a car accident! Which, it turns out, is even worse after you've read texts on exactly what happens in car crashes and what increases your risks. I'm at a greater risk of being dead and/or seriously injured because I drive a small, low-to-the-ground car and because I'm short, so my body sits closer to the dash and the steering wheel while the seatbelt often rides up so it's right up against my neck. There really aren't words for how much I hate you big fucking oafs in SUVs and whatever. In real life too. Fucking tall people, pushing me around. >:(

Carpet book is book, lol!
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