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"Here's my royal foot on your royal buttocks!"

Oh man, I watched the movie Becket a couple nights ago. The one with Peter O'Toole. And dudes. Dudes.

King Henry was so, so in love with Thomas Becket.

And the hilarious thing is that we totally watched this movie in my 11th grade English class. (It was her last year before retirement; we watched a lot of movies.) And, you know, I said the same thing back then! In essay form! Hahaha, some things never change. You can totally tell that I was trying to restrain myself from just typing in, "LOOK, KING HENRY TOTALLY JUST WANTS BECKET TO BE HIS BOYFRIEND AND STAY WITH HIM FOREVER, OKAY? Now give me my A."

In other news, I got new glasses! After four years, new glasses! And I can seeeeee things in the distance and they are so incredibly clear that it's actually disorienting. Also, they took pictures of my retinas and let me see. My retinas are awesome. They're all pink and healthy and you can see all the little blood vessels and they are so cute. Oh, and according to the guy who fitted my frames, my eyes are perfectly centered and... that's very rare or something.

And what do the frames look like? Oh, just a little something like...

I will take pictures when I'm less gross and my hair is clean.

Oh yeah, and the TOS meme:

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension28
Your crimeWriting Sam/Dean non-con underage incest fic so sappy it gives your flist caveties.
Who reported youpsychobarfly
Your fateHospitalized for your subsequent Cherry Garcia addiction.
Tags: doctor who, meme

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