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Oh you wacky world

Jeff Robinov (Warner Bros president of production) hangs up a sign on his office door that says "NO GIRLZ IN MOVEEZ KTHX."

So... that sucks. :(
Oh I guess this is not true anymore?

Oh, also, David Tennant broke up with his girlfriend, maybe kinda? That sound you just heard was a collective squee rising from the masses: "Now he can marry meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And I'm ashamed to say that my voice joined in, although my secondary squee was totally: "Now he can marry John Simm!" I'm sorry, they're cute. Oh god, Last of the Time Lords. So, fuck you Sci-Fi channel for your horrible editing.

Yeah, okay. Tired now. I got like a 97 on my literature test, I'm awesome.

ETA: oh yeah, and I just went and looked at my flist for the first time in for-fucking-ever.
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