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I'm watching Hogfather on the tv. For the first time. So far not bad. Kinda not so great intro CGI, but I will let that slide. Susan is hot. I like how they did the Auditor/s. Okay, now I'm just waiting for Mr. Teatime (woof). Have I mentioned that I think this is my favorite Discworld book? Aside from the Watch books as a whole, I guess.

Oh hey, elefwin, didn't you visit the set for the Mall scene? Or did a bunch of people do that, like, I want to say as a part of one of the cons? Um. I could be totally wrong, it was a year or so ago, I don't know.

Ahhhhh Susan, come be my stern, no-nonsense governess and beat up my monsters, please.

OH JESUS TEATIME. The creepy voice. Ahaha, oh god, the eyes, the little-boy voice, the curls, the cheekbones, the LAUGH, christ... I love it.

Okay, I'm not even at this part yet, but I had to go find a screencap:

Jesus, that is so unfairly hot.

Dammit, I need to write another page and a bit about Suspiria, but I mostly want to watch this. :(

(OMG IS PONDER HOT TOO??? This is unfair.)

[ETA: Death is v. well-done. Death of Rats is fucking adorable. One more page to write. :/ ]
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