DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

Oh man, good sandwich.

Oh hey, it turns out that the folks at metaquotes don't like being called jerks. Or they don't understand the awesome power of sass. Either way, fuck their jerky club for jerks, ahahaha.

I've noticed that a lot of fandom people have no taste. And are stupid. LOL ohnoes I'm so immature! What a terrible thing to be. (lolololololol) I don't know, maybe all of this stupid shit is just fandom trying to tell me to get out. I've been doing this for an embarrassingly long time, and in the last year or so it's been more and more like someone hung up a sign that said "Seth, go home."

I swear to god it did not used to be like this, but I can't tell whether I changed or the community did. Listen, the fandom shit I was in was always mostly female. It's only within the past few years that it has become self-consciously feminist, however, and that makes me uncomfortable. Not the feminist part, I mean, but the self-conscious part. The navel-gazing, the attribution of great importance to stupid little details transformed into academic posturing. Oh, and everyone has their little say, even when they're just saying the same shit the people before them did. Wow.

You know, I'm okay with mostly female groups. I tend to prefer being friends with girls, really. And I'm certainly more of a feminist now than I was a few years ago. But I'm still uncomfortable with this stupid gender politicking and posturing. I'm uncomfortable with the revisionist "history," and the disingenuous claim that "girls did it first, omg!" Let's be honest here, fandom as we know it today (and this includes the girl side, with the slash and all) grew out of the old school sci-fi/spec/horror fiction fans and writers. And they were pretty much male. Oh snap. Yes, slash writers did a lot of new stuff, and the slash writers are overwhelmingly women. And that's important but, well...

You know, if I were more mean and/or daring, I would make some sort of comment about "hysterical ladies" on one of those entries that pretends that writing porn is art and oh so transgressive and what the fuck? Okay, yes, some fanstuff is transgressive and subverting or commenting upon the original, but most of it is not. The overwhelming majority of it is masturbatory dreck. And even most of the readable stuff is meant to just be fun. Do you fuckers remember fun?

Almost every time I try to write this shit out, I just get disinterested after a paragraph and go out in search of food, sex, cuddling, cats in need of petting, or pretty pictures. God, so ADD. Speaking of pretty, uh, JamesDean JamesDean MartinLandau JamesDean. Where is that fandom, I ask you? Fandom clearly has no taste, damn crappy club for stupid jerks.

Speaking of James Dean, it turns out that I really need to stop reading stuff about James Dean before trying to drive for long periods of time.
Tags: fandumb

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