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So, I did this last night, from a photo of a very young Martin Landau:

I want to add that I drew and erased his fucking face like five times at least before this came out and I didn't hate it. While I dearly love his nose and particularly his lips, they are murder to try to draw. Also, looking at it now, I think he needs less chin.

Anyway, it's actually a sketch for some original character art for my Totally Gay Spies story. I was going to elaborate on this, but then I thought... nah.

Did this a few weeks ago. These are the two main characters of my Gay Spies idea. They are meant to be cavorting in the snow. I used several screencaps and pics of Martin Landau and James Dean for reference, and even though it's rough I'm pretty pleased with the emotions.

Another one from a few weeks ago. Referenced from a bunch of screencaps and pics of Jimmy. Hee hee, oh. :( Plato.
Tags: art, gay spies, james dean, martin landau

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