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Okay. The poetry class jerkoff and I are now henceforth to be sworn enemies for life. This, remember, is the child who referred to poems that used a capital letter to begin each line as "conforming." The horror, the horror.

So today, he called my poem "boring" and "ordinary" and "nothing special." Well, he mumbled these things, anyway.

It was a poem about a seventy-some year old man with a young, non-gender specific lover. And he's all, "Yeah, old man with a young girl, who cares."

I have no major problems with being criticized (although I'm sure there are some people who think differently about me). And this wasn't a poem I was real pleased with anyway. But I was like, are you kidding me? Oh, uh, sorry I didn't have them fucking so you get off on some sort of vicarious freak show. Because a sexual relationship can only be described in terms of sex, amirite? And this from a kid who writes the most shitty and pretentious "minimalist" poetry I've ever had direct contact with. Seriously, I want to write a parody and bring it in. It would go something like this:

i am
in college

(it's so


i know how
to use
text effects

i am

all of
COCKS (hualghualgag)

i love you
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