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11 March 2008 @ 02:21 am
A whole general mish-mash...  
Oh, thoughts and things. Haha, Rachel's battery died, so we had this TREMENDOUS ADVENTURE getting the tow truck guy and getting a jump (haw haw, sorry, but he was kind of cute) and the battery dying and so getting him back and driving to a gas station and then sitting in front of my house for like 40 minutes and listening to DISCO about FUCKING RASPUTIN. Hell yes, and all this after watching motherfucking A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL. I am hella serious. It was for my monster movies class, which is taught by the oldest man in the world... the oldest man who loves cult movies and Troma and Ilsa, She-Wolf of the S.S. etc, etc.

And the night before we made up some bitchin' ideas for Man from U.N.C.L.E. fics that everyone else will hate. Like, for instance, one in which Illya goes all nuts after getting EXTREEEEEME TORTURED. Not, like, cutesy nuts, but like split into good-Illya and bad-Illya with a side of severe dissociations. And Napoleon is a twelve year old girl and all co-dependent and enabling, so he only flinches a little while watching Illya ripping apart the corpse of his torturer with an axe. FUCK YEAH! EVERYONE IS DYSFUNCTIONAL AND INSANE! \o/ What else? Uh... oh, masturbations fic. Where no one talks about their feelings or their relationship. Also, Illya and love-hate for disco. Like, he hears the song "Waterloo" when it first comes out and calls Napoleon up after oh so many years and is like, "Damn you, you did this on purpose somehow." I, uh, don't know.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. is fun. They did so much before Star Trek did. Slash, sympathetic Russian, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner--together!

You know what else is fun? JEREMY IRONS ON SESAME STREET!!!

Watch for it! He dances! And has a beard! I was 3! *crushes*

Also, holy shit everyone is Biff.
Current Mood: amused
Current Music: ABBA - Waterloo (couldn't escape if I wanted to)
Wisecracks: 80s Dannywisecracks on March 11th, 2008 07:32 am (UTC)

I would fuck Jeremy Irons so hard.