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My old laptop is dying. And I mean dying. It will not go gentle into that good night, no sir. No, it's going to go out with a shriek. :( The fan is dying or something and it was making the most atrocious noise. I'm trying to transfer files over and I did have to resort to working in ten minute intervals and then letting it cool down with the help of ice packs. Ice packs, for chrissake.

And then I fucked it up somehow and so Windows wouldn't start. FROWNY FACE. Eventually running the Windows recovery disk let me access my shit again, but it was getting all shirty about actually trying to transfer anything last night. So we'll get back to that eventually.

Anyway, new laptop is sooooo smooth and shiny. Everything goes fast and there is lots and lots of space. I should have switched my shit over ages ago, but I was lazy and overly attached to old crusty. I held him together with duct tape. We had memories, you see. Anyway, but there's extra software on this pretty new thang. Video software. STAR WIPE lololol. I want to use that someday just to be a dick. That's terrible of me. But sometimes vidders are SO SRS and I am like, dude, no way. NO. The best vids are either unpretentious, or fully aware of their own pretensions and willing to make light of them. On that note, this vid completely made me love Re-Animator again,. I am utterly serious. I even love the poor video quality. It's utterly charming.

Also, kleenexwoman and I have been making trouble for the rather stodgy and dangerously boring Man From UNCLE fandom--I'm sorry, I can't use the abbreviation "MFU," even though there are certainly days when it is entirely appropriate. (You see, because I'm crass and vulgar and "MFU" can only mean MOTHER FUCK U; my alma mater!) In the course of this trouble, we've found that we may be insane. Or we may like American Psycho a little too much, the chances are about even.

School is kicking my butt. :( I am tired.
Tags: man from u.n.c.l.e., re-animator, what hath god wrought?

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