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07 May 2008 @ 04:51 am
Oh oh oh, someone somewhere please congratulate me or even just give me a little smile because, you see, I just finished my paper on Native Son. Yes, just now, at around 4:20-something in the morning.

Then you can laugh at me because I had to sit two exams (one of which was my English Studies exam) on Monday, and also email a couple of papers in for another class. I also had to wrap up my paper on the Russian harlequin from Heart of Darkness for English studies (I did, and turned it in before the exam) and this paper on Native Son and its connections to the Leopold and Loeb case. Which I just did, ahahahaha, and it was 10 pages long (including citations). The Heart of Darkness paper was 9. Both were only supposed to be 6-8 pages, including the works cited page. My Native Son paper is only that long because I quoted a bunch of somewhat lengthy passages, though. But the Heart of Darkness paper, holy shit, I put work and love and care into that bitch.

Basically, I stayed up for like 30 hours Sunday to Monday. Then I slept for 15 hours on Tuesday and felt sick and headache-y. Then I woke up and spent a bunch of time wrapping up that fucking paper and incidentally getting totally turned on by Leopold and Loeb. Mostly Leopold. I mean, seriously, don't you just want to pet this kid's hair?

And, I mean, their serious weird gay love. I remember being totally fascinated by them when I was, what, twelve? Somewhere around there. I have an old book of American crime that I got from my mother (and which used to belong to her father, probably) and that was where I first read about them. I don't even recall whether it was written in the book that they were lovers. Maybe hinted at. Either way, I got the gist, and it fascinated me. It's not even a very long article, and yet...
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DrWorm: ropedrworm on May 8th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
I did! I had Dauterich, and while he's a very good teacher and I like him quite a bit, I was not thrilled at having to come in and write yet another essay and also answer multiple choice and short answer questions about various theories. :/ SO MUCH WRITING, I HAVE DONE.

LOL oh dear, romanticals. Hmm, well, I see the problem there. I would hang out with your puppy guy and find out if he's cool enough... sometimes the liking that they like you can turn into liking them if they are neat enough. But that is just my thoughts, not knowing much about nuffin'.

I'm sorry, I would have told you about Total Eclipse, but I guess I just assumed you knew! Also, I've never actually seen it, so there's that as well.

Gay murders... sounds super, super awesome. And I think we just cracked my romance-type issues right there. :) Sigh.

Yes, I often feel similarly. :/