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I'm the biggest nerd that ever nerded

I came to this realization last night, in a meandering sort of way, and it made me SO excited. I'm so fascinated by how the scientific manipulation of the body (medical, chemical, neurological, psychological, whatever) is portrayed in media. It's usually negative, which is sort of disappointing but not unexpected.

I'm watching Men in Black! Or I was, anyway. I am reminded of what "The Alexander the Greater Affair" taught me, which is that Rip Torn used to be skinny and hot. Proof! Marshmallows! Oh god, I kept waiting for a Hephaestion to show up... but of course, no. 1960s >:( where is my gay? Also the MiB reminded me of UNCLE. Huh.

Tomorrow is my birthday. D: Today is ffarff's birthday! Tomorrow is also parma_violets birthday! Whoa! Happy birthdays! This is like the time in middle school when I was at the bus stop and the other kid there was talking about his birthday coming up and eventually we realized our birthdays were on the same day. Crazy.

I want cookies. Cookies and sex. But not at the same time.
Tags: birthdays, man from u.n.c.l.e.

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