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I am the terror that quacks in the night!

Yay, I have improved my self-worth slightly! I went for a walk today yesterday (because I'm slow at writing entries). Because, you see, depression leads to lying in bed and doing nothing a lot, which leads quite predictably to gaining weight. And I would really prefer to avoid that.

ANYWAY. I watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang a few nights ago because ~*RDJ*~ and gay kiss with Val Kilmer. It was cute. Entertaining. I liked it. Now I need to see Wonder Boys again because, uh, ~*RDJ*~ and gayness with Tobey Maguire. Also I recall actually liking the movie, but still I haven't seen it since Amy forced it on me way back when. So there's that.

And today I went to the library and got out more books about Russia and Cold War and SPIES. Because I take this fanfiction shit far too seriously. Well, no, I mean... yes, it's partly for writing unnecessarily political Man from UNCLE fanfic, but it's also for my Great Novel, which may never actually be written but at least I'll have fun researching it. SEE THIS IS WHY I DON'T WANT TO BE A REAL WRITER OKAY? I don't want to be disappointed by not having any success. I want to be pleasantly surprised any time I finish things and/or people say they like whatever I do. Which is pretty much the way I am right now. It's workin out okay so far, I mean, I'm just sayin y'know.

No, what I'm saying is that I want to work in a library and spend lots of time archiving things. Then I'll go home and write and draw things and answer comments the way I should be doing right now, >:( self.

Oh god, this song, srsly you guys.

I need food now. HERE I GO!
Tags: depression, fanfic, movies, writing

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