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Oh hell, fandom.

First, I feel I should disclose that I totally cried over the season finale of House, which is pretty much the first time a tv show has made me cry ever. I'm not talking, like, sobbing or anything... but there were some tears. Some silent, manful tears. :(

But! Premiere of Venture Bros! :D I will spoil no spoilers yet, but it's on the Adult Swim website, so just freaking go and watch it. Or watch it tonight on the tv. It's so cute. It wasn't really a laugh out loud, quotable episode, but it was so cute. I love how being a supervillain is just another career choice. I freaking love the Monarch and Doctor Girlfriend is awesome as always. It's weird, though, the fandom makes me so mad sometimes. Like, I guess I just can't get over what little shits people can be about the ongoing joke of Dr. Girlfriend's supposed tranniness (which, may I add, is NOT resolved--haha, okay, there's my spoiler: she's not pregnant).

And then AND THEN all of a sudden I want Back to the Future porn. It's been awhile since I've looked at Crispin-as-George and gone "Hell yes, I'd tap that." But I was rereading old porn kleenexwoman and I wrote and going fuck yeah that was awesome. Got to love special secret porno stash, what what?

And now I'm watching PotC on tv and remembering how much I like it and really this is just ridiculous. >:( I need to stop liking things so much!
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