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Lots of things happening. By which I mean nothing.

I have been playing Pokemon. Pokemon Emerald, though it's not like I know what the difference is. It was under kleenexwoman's bed, so a few days back I was just like, "Haha, teach me how to play Pokemon!" I've never played before, you see. No, not ever. That's probably a good thing, because holy shit is it ever addicting. And now I'm thinking of everything in terms of stats and levels and attack moves or whatever. It's very nerdy.

Ipoddddd... hurry up and charge. >:( The bad-cat totally chewed through my second cord. All bit the head right off like it was a little white snake or whatever. But I discovered that the first chewed upon cord will work with duct tape and a little magic holding from me. But my thumb is getting tired, so it needs to hurry the fuck up. Chop, chop, little creature, I am typing one-handed and not masturbating.

We watched a lot of Arrested Development because Sammi was. That is pretty much the most incestuous show ever. I like Gob, because I love helplessly idiotic failures. I also like Michael, because I like uptight characters forced into trying to reason with helplessly idiotic failures. And I think I like Lindsay's chicken-dance the best.

Does anyone reading know anything about printmaking? More specifically, about presses? Can you buy little home presses? I will also JFGI, probably right now while I'm remembering, but if anyone knows anything specific that would be so, so helpful...
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