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Holy crud, I keep forgetting to update. Except on Venture Bros. night.

So, yeah, Venture Bros. continues apace. Oh god, Sgt. Hatred. I was totally like, wait, isn't that the guy who molested Hank and Dean? during the opening. Yeppppppp, it was.

I like how Brock just wanted to watch a show about guys with giant catapults, and Sgt. Hatred has an enormous cat somewhere. Plus, Dr. Girlfriend and the Monarch and their domestic squabbles. So cute. And the Monarch can't get over Dr. Venture. No, of course he can't.

So let's see... my one short Man from UNCLE fic got recced on crack_van right here. kleenexwoman showed me several days ago and I went around feeling all embarrassed and slightly gleeful for an evening. And then I reread it and went, "Oh no, this sucks!" and tried to write more of a slightly more serious idea that has absolutely nothing in it anybody wants. I always have such weird ideas or whatever.

Like, she and I were talking about Christianity and the Resurrection and what a whacked-out concept that is. And I was like, wait, what if all that zombie stuff, like Dawn of the Dead and whatever... what if that's the Resurrection? Not even the Resurrection gone wrong, just... that's it. And now I want to write that story (although probably someone already has; it's too good to be relatively original).

Anyway. I beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Emerald. We watched Wonder Boys. Oh dear god, RDJ mackin' on young Tobey Maguire is incredibly hot. We also watched Wild, Wild West, which is a terrible movie but which has some incredible set and costume designs. And we started watching The Boys From Brazil but she fell asleep and also she needs to work on her paper now. >:(
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