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27 June 2008 @ 02:24 am
James Bond: Lord of Destruction... HE WILL RETURN  
I'm watching Mr. Bond destroy Venice at the moment. Oh my god this is the most amazing movie ever. It's like, so incredibly serious and overblown. And the dude in the beginning? Has super Madagascar lemur powers.

Oh, yeah, we're watching Casino Royale. Oh Mr. Bond, was that CPR or a kiss? Well, she's dead, what does it matter. But the bad guy with the scar over his dead eye who whacks him in the nuts? OMG hot. All sweaty and in the vest and hitting naked James Bond in the nuts. And you know what? It was actually a very non-gay scene. I mean, it was a little gay. But it could have been gayer. Wasn't Daniel Craig totally in favor of a bi James Bond? See, I'm with Danny here, and it doesn't hurt that the guy is already totally okay with kissing men (much to the chagrin of so many straight male James Bond fans, lololol). But yeah, James Bond, he'd be like, "Have sex with a dude? Hell yes I will try that." Just, if he had had a little more sex with this villain, then it would have been crazy amazing. They were already all locking eyes over the poker table. Mm, rivalry tension.

Also, the title sequence is fucking amazing and the song, omg, and Dame Judi Dench is all tellin' it like it is. So fun.

Sooooo... yeah. On a more anti-climactic note, it is so weird when you look back at people you used to like and admire and you find out that they're actually boring and mediocre. Ouch. I fear that I will be that, one day, for someone. Hell, I may already have been. But maybe I'm just showing off how young I am by being so... disappointed? Not exactly, but just shocked. It's like, holy shit, how did this person become the most boring person on Earth?

Perspective. I has it.
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