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Oh my god, this is one of the most amazing crazy people ever

Also, one of the gayest.

Seriously, I feel slightly bad laughing so much, but oh my god he's insane. Like, his guide to sex for gay men starts off not too bad... yeah, you should be able to laugh during sex. And the pictures are nice, though his disclaimer about these guys not necessarily being gay is a little bit, uh, whatever. Then he gets to the actual acts and suddenly it becomes all about some major issues with sex and the body. Oh man, it's all a little too close to someone else I used to know who had a lot of the same issues, not just with sex but with his own body. Problems. Delusions. Minus the Christianity, I mean. Hah, like exactly the opposite really.

Then at the end it veers into something about "a violent primal ‘protection of sperm for breeding’ response" in straight men. I, uh... oh? Okay. You know they can always make some more, right?

I always feel sort of weird when crazy and gay end up mixing like this. Sort of dirty, sort of scared that one day I will veer off into queer-crazy. I would rather be some form of dirty vagrant schizophrenic hobo crazy, I think, though I suppose I can't know until I try it.

I am totally down with his page on wrestlers and erections, though. But then, he did include lots and lots of pictures, so I admit to not really reading the text.

Do not miss this amazing comic, which is filled with some of the greatest lines ever written, such as: "Bio-lock on my coordinates and initiate the Judas Protocol!"
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