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Bad comics and hilarious music for to make life fun

I finished a longish Man from UNCLE fic. Hooray! It's called Aching Like Birds and I'm proud of it, but it's also fairly pretentious. But I'm totally cool with that. It's funny, though, since I know in my head that I just want to write porn, but then somehow it always comes out all profound and PG-13. I'm honestly not sure what that says about my concept of sex. Maybe I'm just attracted to dramatic tension or something.

I also posted some stuff from the really bad Man from UNCLE comics... because they're hilarious. This panel is my favorite so far:

Because lol damsel-in-distress Napoleon.

I also removed the doorknob on the bedroom door and replaced it with one that has a lock in it. I am awesome! It's so beautiful, not to mention necessary. Medication theft continues apace. Sammi is able to open the capsules, remove the powder, and put the capsules back together. So she leaves me with the empty capsules, like I won't notice. She's also been picking the lock on the lockbox I got... like I won't notice that either. So far doorknob lock has held up. Sammi has replaced Adderall with coffee and continued to deny stealing my stuff. Yeah, right.

Meanwhile I'm spending like 18-20 hours a day asleep or basically immobilized and obviously not functional. Fun!

[ETA: Oh god I completely feel like this lately. I HONK AT YOU.]
Tags: fandom, fanfic, man from u.n.c.l.e., rl

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