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"I remember... I DISMEMBER!"

I have Colin Meloy's "We Both Go Down Together" stuck in my head right now. God dammit, the Decemberists. Or not, actually, but you know... related. You can listen/download right here and get it stuck in your head too. And be depressed, because yeah. :(

I linked to it in the comments in my last post, but if you haven't seen the Satan's Alley trailer, you really should. "I've been a bad, bad boy, father." SOMEONE MAKE THIS MOVIE, PLEASE. So long as it's as ridiculously over-dramatic as the trailer, it would be the greatest thing ever.

So, I started trying to read Lord of the Rings again, since Rachel is taking a class on Tolkien and so is also reading them. I finished the Hobbit, which I haven't done since I was in grade school (Tolkien is very very boring and my attention is span is not always very good). I've started on Fellowship and am almost on Tom Bombadil, hahaha. I've started Fellowship several times in my life, but never actually finished it. And we rented the first movie because Rachel has not seen them (!!!) and Sammi only has the second and third (the first one has too much walking around, apparently). I like Hobbits. We watched Fellowship last night. ♥ Frodo.

Saw my dad on Tuesday. He is doing awesome, apparently! He did a lot of boating over the summer and lost twenty-five pounds (whereas I have gained at least ten from my medication issues, fuck). So good for him. We chattered at each other for several hours. This is the longest we've ever been apart. :( I do miss him, a lot of the time. It turns out he was applying for a job at that place... in East Lansing... at Michigan State University. We'll see where that goes. The campus is fucking HUGE and I felt completely scrubby in their very nice hotel.

Okay, now I have "Night Surgeon" from Repo! The Genetic Opera stuck in my head. Listen! Oh god, I can't wait to see this.
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