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Hey, what's up, I haven't been here in like forever

Things have been somewhat eventful lately. Let's see. We had kleenexwoman's brother (wankhaus) here for a night last week. He's coming back for another night, I guess, because of a court date. Obviously there were adventures, although most of them happened before he came to us.

Then benprime came and stayed with us for the weekend, since he's been traveling about and Rachel offered him a place to crash. Because he was here we ended up finally taking our field trip out to the cider mill, wound up watching the remake of The House on Haunted Hill because it was on tv and so entertainingly bad (and, before that, watched The Great Escape--WITH the depressing ending, awww), and then today we did a little walking tour of the campus after the fiction collective meeting (and then came home and watched Freaks). It was all good, although I think we may have TALKED his EAR OFF. We can be a bit on the chatty side, even to one another, so it's not that surprising. Also I'm just getting used to being awake and moving in the world of the living again, so I've been a bit on the manic side... which was always more my natural state of being, I think. No, not manic. "Highly-strung" is maybe a bit better. Which is sort of funny, because I've always thought of myself as being generally fairly relaxed, but I'm really quite on edge a lot of the time. I'm very touchy and finicky and full up of trust and control issues. :/

There are a couple of things that I need to get wrapped up in the next week or two. A few pieces of writing/editing, mostly, though I should work more on my portfolio. We'll see how much gets done overall, haha. Those famous last words.

I'm being so boring right now, I'm sorry. Here, have an excerpt from a post I was trying to write about comedy but then just gave up on:

"Oh man, I love comedy. Today we wound up watching Mr. Show, which is always fun to see other people enjoy. I think that, in 1996, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and everybody on that show did break some new ground, or at least added water to it and made some attractive mud pies. I say that because so much of it remains relevant, and it only occasionally feels at all dated. (And some of the set-ups feel old and tired just because everyone did them after Mr. Show did... like, say, the Jerry Springer rip in the fourth season--which still contains the seminal line: "I'm gonna fuck me a fish.") And I think what was actually groundbreaking wasn't always in the material, but in the performances. The same goes for some of David Cross's stand-up. For example, one of my favorite tracks is based on a very old premise (hillbillies and rednecks talk funny), but I love the way it escalates and becomes almost musical and poetic. Note also that the track is called "Monica Lewinsky and the Three Bears," which has absolutely nothing at all to do with what he's actually talking about... but, you know, it's generic stand-up fodder.

I do, however, like that they're willing to be political, and not just political the way a lot of comedians are--that is, the kind of (left-wing) politics that is rarely satirical or insightful because it stays on the surface. Bill Maher, for example (he comes to mind just because Sammi and Jason were watching something of his a few nights ago, and I can't say I'm much of a fan). I've actually been watching a lot of really bad comedy lately just because Sammi has an indiscriminate stoner's taste and will laugh at damn near everything.

But back to groundbreaking. I think the obvious ground that's being broken today in the world of comedy has more to do with minorities gaining ground and having a lot of success (as opposed to obscenity, which is kind of incredibly lame ground to be breaking if you ask me). Dave Chappelle, anyone? Eddie Izzard? Even Ellen Degeneres and--sigh--Margaret Cho. Also, I think today it's shifted slightly so that we don't only have comedians who are stand-up virtuosos. Ensemble casts are getting a lot more credit. Arrested Development, which is pretty widely regarded as one of the cleverest sitcoms to be made in recent years, is very much a team effort. A lot of comedy today is also coming from places that are less well-defined--it's not just comedy actors or comedians who handle the comedy stuff nowadays, and there's a great deal of back and forth of actors who will take both serious and comedic roles, deliberately playing outside of their image."
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