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What are we going to do tonight, Brain?

Impromptu poll: are you a Pinky or are you a Brain? Discuss.

I don't know which one I am. :/

So, Something Awful made fun of Kent State. All I have to say is: actually, we do have a heck of a lot of trees, and if we're the next Akron then we would definitely have to have more than one black guy. Also, I wonder if I know any of these guys? Now I will have to be suspicious of all the lame guys with neckbeards who think they're funny. The terrible thing is that I bet I do know some of them... and I'm just not aware of it. :( (One time someone in my linguistics class brought up cat macros and was like, "Go to Something Awful!" to the professor. And I was like, no, don't do that.)

kleenexwoman and I watched Beefcake last night and also drank a lot of absinthe. AND IT WAS AWESOME! Again, I both loathe and love the 1950s. And Neil and the blond guy whose name I can't remember all rode off into the sunset together on the bike to go start a gym and it was fantastic and adorable.

Oh, oh, oh, AND Herbert West is in some comic called Hack/Slash? Which, judging from the Wikipedia page, is full of godawful faux-edgy horror and faux-edgy sexuality bullshit and really just the summaries make me want to punch some shit. It prompted Rachel and me to come up with the greatest idea for a new comic ever: a tough-as-nails lesbian with washboard abs pals around with her six foot tall leather dyke girlfriend (let's call her "Vladina") and they solve supernatural mysteries and shit. Oh yeah, and the lead chick's tragic and wangsty past is revealed... she used to be fat! But then she got into lifting weights in high school and, actually, she doesn't harbor a lot of angst. Anyway, the pair would pal around with a couple of ghoul fags, I think. And they would be all graverobbing for tasty organs and such. That would be my comic.

But seriously, the Herbert art in this comic is awful. You have to scroll almost to the bottom but it's there. Look at this awful awful montage thing, jesus christ, someone got paid for that? I could do better than that scratchy paintbrush lines in Photoshop or whatever, and I'm marginally talented on the best of days. Ridiculous. Is he making himself a pregnant lady? What the fuck is going on? Why does no one ever draw Dan, even just in the background? In the shitty montage? What the fuck. I don't get it. Stop making shitty comics with Herbert. Leave him be, please.
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