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Happy Thanksgiving, I guess, or something.

The good news: I didn't have to pay any money to get my car fixed!

The bad news: This is because my car is not worth fixing! :DDDD:

It's been overheating, you see, and it turns out there's something wrong with the head gasket. I knew it was going to be that... the guy was like, "It could be the water pump" when I left it there. Water pump would have been bad enough, since it would have cost a few hundred, but then I went and looked it up online and one of the other things it could have been was the head gasket, which would cost $1200 or more to repair. The guy said it wasn't worth it and I agreed. But he also said that I should just keep driving it till it dies, since it's not certain how long that will be. I just need to make it back to Kent, basically, and then I will have to get something else. :(((((

Anyway. I also finished a piece of art for Man from U.N.C.L.E., which is evidently not that exciting, but here you go. Illya's face and hair still bug me, but basically I was sick of working on it. I hate working on things I care about making look good, I've decided. I feel so much happier and less depressed about my stupid scribbley doodles than about stuff that's supposed to reflect the fact that I've actually had art classes at some point in my life. I finished that drawing, turned to kleenexwoman and went, "I hate myself." Then she made me hot chocolate.

Obviously the whole depression thing is kind of a problem right now. Not just with the drawing, I mean in a general life sense.

In other news, Sammi brought home the first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I did not enjoy what I watched, although it seems to be a comedy darling of many people at the moment. I started watching The Big Bang Theory online and have been enjoying that, however, so that probably means my taste is wrong. Rachel and I also watched a few first season episodes of Strangers With Candy. That show is downright nuts. And, uh, I don't know. I think there was something else, but I've forgotten it. Oh well.

I want a kitten. :(

[ETA: Oh I just remembered! The new gmail themes thing is awesome! The little fox is pruning his bonsai tree right now! :D My favorite little fox is when he's asleep and there are three ghost foxes playing Go in his yard. :DDDDD]
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