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Hello, hello, it's time to give presents because the calendar has come around again.

So I read Wheel of Darkness and found myself wishing for the somewhat bygone days of Pendergast fandom. Except, you know, less... I don't know... faily than they used to be.

So, if you haven't read the Agent Pendergast books and think you might like to, I will make it easy for you. Here are the first five (change xx to tt):

The Cabinet of Curiosities
Still Life With Crows

Try them out. If you like them, buy the paperbacks and stop straining your eyes on the computer! :D

In case you don't already know, Agent Pendergast is an albino FBI agent from New Orleans. His family is insane and awesome. Sometimes he fights crime and catches monsters with his boyfriend buddy Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta. They made a movie out of Relic but it sucks and they cut out Pendergast, so fuck 'em. My favorites are CoC and Brimstone (which is hella gay, if you're into that).
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