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Spring semester so far: tiring.

So, yes, my big news is that I managed to get into the creative non-fiction writing class with hortonhearsawho, thanks to a certain undergraduate advisor who was astoundingly efficient. I was a little disappointed that the focus would be on memoir/personal essays rather than, oh, biography or history or science-writing. Although somehow I'm guessing those would all be a little too complex for an undergrad class. Still. :/

But then everything else is just part of the tangle of things I hate at the beginning of semester, where you have to run around constantly trying to pull things back together. I've got all these shit errands I have to run, but then I ran out of medication so I had to spend a couple of days getting that together and argh. Right now my most immediate worry is for my painting class, since at some point in the future I'm going to have to figure out how to build stretchers myself and... that'll be fun. Fucking shitty classes, not teaching me what I have to know later. >:( Also I'm out of practice working with actual physical paint, and that irks me. Anyone have any tips for oil painting?

Also, I'm frustrated because I'm sucking at doing my own stupid little drawings. Which reminded me that I never posted this: Want to see how my drawing skillz have progressed? I made a timeline that's more of a grid, hooray. The numbers are my approximate age in years when I drew the picture/s above. As you can see, RADICAL CHANGES.

And now I have to go to my Intro to Shakespeare class. I hope it's going to be awesome because the professor is ~*Don-John*~, and I already have a little professor-crush on him.
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