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Life and also commentary on a TELEVISION SHOW

Oh boy, here we go, Psych finale! Let's see whether it's going to be as bad as the previews made it look! :D Last week's Friday the 13th episode was pretty amazing, for being as shit as it was, so I have high hopes.

So far, lessons learned: Shawn is frequently a dick, hooray for Willard references, what the fuck was that Morrissey reference? And then the rest of it was unremarkable. Except, oh great, more Shawn/Jules "will they, won't they?" crap. What the fuck, Psych?

The psych out was great, though. I love all goofy Lassiters.

Latest triumphs: I made my own canvas stretcher and finished my master copy (I used this painting--I covered a corner with part of the eye on the right--by Odd Nerdrum. Here are a few other paintings. You really need to see them huge). The master copy was tough, but came out quite well, I thought, for not being able to let the paint dry as I applied layers. I got an A- on it, and a B on my still life. Eh. :/ I also finished up the second round of scenarios I was judging with hortonhearsawho. And I've been able to keep up perfect attendance in three of my classes so far.

The bad part: I've decided to drop my Lit in English class, since I've almost never gone. :( Oh well. I also slept through today, which fucked up some of my shit. Oops. And I totally missed Meredith's BA show... opening... but not really, because I went in and looked at her paintings earlier in the week. I just missed the little party with food and stuff. :(

I also got a couple of calls from Wal-mart about being employed there, which I finally tried to return today, but had no luck. I don't know whether I should do it or not, though. Because the last time I tried to keep up a job and four classes it just went so well. Arrrrgh, but I need the money. But arrrrrgh, Wal-mart. :/
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