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End of the year claptrap, blah.

School sucks, aaaaah. Final stuff is coming up on being due, so that's why lj replies and whatever are going to be... slow.

Things I should be ashamed of but cannot find the heart to actually feel shame for:

- I have watched High School Musical and enjoyed it.
- I saw 17 Again and enjoyed it. (You shut up, I like Matthew Perry.)
- I'm finding Zac Efron attractive. (Okay, this is worse.)
- I'm also finding Rick Astley mildly attractive, but that's unrelated to the other stuff.

Blasphemous, I know.

I also did stuff like taking pictures at the English awards ceremony and judging skits for Future Problem Solving and also reading a scenario at their awards ceremony. But I've also been having issues with my medication, which translates to struggling with school. Still, the semester will be over soon. I have a Shakespeare performance to do Monday (I'm Iago in a scene from Othello) and a revision to turn in for nonfiction writing on Tuesday, so I'm hoping getting those done will relieve some stress. But I also have this massive painting to finish for the 14th, which has been freaking me out. Especially since I've been missing class.

So that's my status and the reason I never update. Fascinating stuff. [ETA: Oh, also I have a dreamwidth account now. What I'll do with it, I have no idea, but there it is.]
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