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When life gives you academics, uh...

Oh my god, Venture Bros. Season 4 preview. Orgasmmmssssss, I am seriously not even joking. I am very very excited. Orgasmically excited. I love Venture Bros., I'm constantly being reminded of what an awesome show it is, and this just makes me happier than anything has in a while. Which is a little bit pathetic, maybe, but do I care? Sometimes you want to be happy and excited for the sake of being happy and excited. I mean, sure, I can be excited about the classes I have this semester too, but that comes with the condition of having to do a huge amount of work.

Oh god, so much work. And the first week of classes is going to be insane because when I don't have class I'm... working! In the bookstore! Freshmen started moving in on Thursday, so as you can very well imagine it was a madhouse and a ten hour work day for me. Not as bad as Crown Shoes, however. Never that bad. But pretty bad. Oh boy, standing at a cash register for hours on end! There are far worse jobs, though, and worse people to work with. Also, I keep going to work and buying posters of James Dean because they're cheap and I am weak.

Went and saw Inglourious Basterds last week with hortonhearsawho. It was awesome and funny and I pretty much loved it. Yeah, all the dialogue does get tedious at times, but then you have scenes that just punch you in the face and start running. I kind of like the dynamic tension between the slower scenes and the faster, more action-filled ones.

Everything else has been centered on school starting and getting ready for classes (lol I bought over 30 books for this semester :D:) and the writing club we're trying to get started this year. It's not boring at all, but that doesn't come across in writing. Oh well, here are the classes I'm taking:

Dada and Surrealism (Art History)
The American Hero (an English class about superheroes and the hero's journey)
Seminar: 20th Century Southern Writers
Colloquium: Medieval Drama (a year long class focused on producing and performing several plays from The Chester Cycle for a Medieval drama festival in Canada)

And then here's my independent study/undergrad research assistantship thing that I'm doing on Victorian medicine. So, life is basically full up, I guess.
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