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I aten't dead.

But just barely. You know how everything invariably comes together all at one time, rather than spreading itself out into convenient bite-sized chunks? Yeah.

kleenexwoman and I went and saw Crispin Glover's new-ish movie, It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine!, on Saturday at Oberlin. She came and picked me up, because I don't really trust my car over long distances and also it's not very pleasant to ride in because it leaks when it rains. We saw an attractive blond daddy with glasses at the rest stop on our way up. (That's not important at all, he was just cute.)

So Crispin's thing was playing at Oberlin College, which is a private school that is both snooty and incredibly liberal. (No offense meant to Oberlin, as what I saw of it was very nice, but I go to Kent State and so it was a bit of a culture shock.) What we saw of it was basically white liberal guilt personified, made flesh, bone, and science building, and it was sort of amazing. I was so impressed that I snagged a couple of copies of the student paper because it was hilarious (and gave one copy to hortonhearsawho because, in her words, they are "her people!")--and, of course, when talking about Crispin's event, it called him crazy. College kids are huge snots, basically. There was some kid who wrote about how he wanted to ask Crispin what the hell "Clowny Clown Clown" was, and I swear he sat next to me because I heard him talking about how he was totally going to ask (except he didn't, because he left after the slideshow).

But anyway, the slideshow was great, as always. Highlight was when Crispin actually stopped, ran up the stairs into the audience, and took some kid's phone because he was texting or recording or something. He said in his soft, high voice, "You have to stop that. Get it back after the show" or something similar, and then gave the phone to the AV guy. It was great and slightly uncomfortable, like watching a teacher do the same thing in class. This feeling was enhanced by the fact that the slideshow and film were being shown (for free!) in a lecture hall in the science building. It was pretty badass, though. Crispin Glover will take your phone.

But yeah, the slideshow was great. I want him to publish Round My House so, so badly. I even asked him, afterward, whether he ever would, and he said probably someday. Put the pressure on him! I love that book, I can't even describe how much. His reading adds to it, of course--and his GESTURES--but I do love it and want it to reread at my leisure.

The movie was okay, but Crispin was showing it as a digital file from his laptop, projected up onto the screen, and apparently it was missing an extremely crucial reel. Which, given that it was one of Crispin's movies, you kind of couldn't tell until he said anything. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and assume that it was important, though, because he was really distraught over having lost the info or whatever happened. Poor guy. You could tell that he really just wanted to figure out what had gone wrong, which I totally understand. But instead he had to stand around and talk to us, so he spent a lot of time apologizing and looking at his shoes. I really do love him, in all his fussy aspie glory, but everyone in the audience was kind of like "Um... :/" so it was an interesting experience and not as lively as some of the Q&A sessions I've been at. It does seem like he's refined what he's saying about his work--like he's ditched the term "pro-cultural," thank god. Also he said he's been listening to choral music, which I'm happy to hear. It doesn't all have to be Beethoven and Tchaikovsky (though that is pretty much the soundtrack for this film, but okay).

I'm holding off on doing a review of the actual movie because I didn't see all of it, but what I did see was very '70s and often very funny, if not quite as bizarrely cerebral as What Is It? Crispin's parents were both in it and they were both awesome, of course. And there were some very effective moments with Steven C. Stewart, although probably it's all the background information that is the most affecting--see kleenexwoman's entry, she wrote more about that.

Anyway, afterward Rachel and I hung around and flipped through discarded journals of bacteriology (is that what they were?) and looked at a display of blinking red and green lights that showed how much energy the dorms were using. I blathered on about stupid/funny things that happened in Medieval Drama, because that class has generated lots of drama and lots of anecdotes all on its own. When we saw Crispin he was very sweet, as always, and he did remember us from before with no prompting, even though it's been like a year and a half since the last time we saw him. His memory is freaking amazing. Either that or we are exceptionally memorable nerds. So he answered my question about Round My House, which was mostly what we had, since we didn't buy anything or give him anything to sign. (Print Round My House and I will buy it!) We told him we hoped he was able to figure out what went wrong with his digital print and get it fixed, he asked us if we'd come to the showing in Cleveland the night before, we said no... so he'll have to come back around. Basically, I don't know. Like kleenexwoman I just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him it's okay.

So then we were driving home. We stopped at a rest stop for some food, like after midnight, dawdled some, came out, and were just getting in the car when I spied a kitty walking by. I went up to it and he was talking to me but being standoffish at first, then after a minute he let me pet him some, pick him up, and take him into the vestibule inside. He and I sat together while Rachel went and asked the lady in Burger King whether she knew anything, but apparently it was a popular area to dump cats. :( I didn't know what else to do, so I had Rachel get a blanket and we wrapped him up and I got into the backseat with him and drove home. He's been in my room since then, except for when we brought him out for his excursion to the vet yesterday evening. We're calling him Jules because, like Crispin's character in Fast Sofa, he was found outside a rest stop/fast food place. Rachel has another picture up in her entry, which you should also read because it's a good account of the evening.

Still trying to work out what to do with Jules. I have four cats already, you see, so if you would like a very friendly kitty, I'm sure we can work something out...

P.S. Thanks to anyone who has already said they would take him in if only they could. I wish you could! But I know when things are not possible. And thanks to those who have been campaigning to try to find him a permanent home. :)
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