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I still aten't dead.

Ahhh, I know, I don't come on livejournal anymore like... ever. This is because of me being hardcore into my schooling, i.e. last semester I had to write a ton of research papers. But it's good because I got all As except for my research assistant thing, where I got an A minus. That's okay, though, and I am basically pretty happy because my classes were all pretty difficult, so getting all As is a good achievement.

And when I'm not doing school stuff or English Club/Writers' Bloc stuff, I am working at the bookstore. Often I am working during the busy times, which is when the semester begins or ends. I just finished four days straight of stocking textbooks for 8 hours a day, so clearly it is a fun and glamorous job. Textbooks are frequently very heavy. Besides lugging the damn things around, I also put used stickers on them. If you go to KSU and buy a textbook at the bookstore on campus, I have probably touched your book. You have my germs now, haha. (Note: I do not have any serious germs and this should not dissuade you from purchasing textbooks there.)

Anyway. So my big awesome news was found out weeks ago but I didn't post it due to business. It is that I get to play Judas in our Medieval Drama play! I'm sorry, but this is kind of a big deal. You see, we have to perform it in Toronto as part of a large conference in which the entire Chester cycle is staged. There should be more info on the web eventually, but for now there is mostly this, which does have pictures of us but little else. But anyway, I pretty much wanted nothing more than to be Judas, so I'm happy but also freaking out a little. I'm pretty much the only non-theater major with a major role. Also I have to build a bunch of set-pieces and I'm just nervous about it in general.

My other big news is that my Medieval Drama professor gave me money to do a drawing for him of a stage reconstruction from the early 16th century. He used my drawing in his presentation a few days ago, and a more polished version may end up in his book?! I don't know, but it's exciting! Exclamation points! It's like I'm a competent artist or something!

Next semester my classes are: Literature in English 1 (haha, required), Sculpture 2, Medieval Drama, a special topics course on literature in the 1960s (!!!), and Intro to LGBT Studies. We shall see whether I wind up needing to drop something.

Happy New Year!
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