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Hey, what's up, checkin' in after like... forever. Haha, it's pretty sad that I no longer have much use for my journal now that I've basically dropped out of fandom. Is that sad? Sometimes I feel a little bit sad about it, but really not much. Fortunately my life is busy enough that not having Internet acceptance/social interaction isn't much of an issue for me. I don't mean to be too cruel about it. :( I suppose that, had I world enough and time as well as the inclination I would try to keep up with all the people I could and even with stuff that's happening in fandom (maybe). As it is, kleenexwoman tells me about specific stuff that's happening. It all sounds frustrating, and I find that I just don't miss it. It's also rather telling that the times I've been most active in fan stuff have been times when I've had comparatively little to do. Maybe in the future, when I eventually finish school, I'll contribute stuff again (unless trying to find and keep a job and/or grad school swallow my time whole).

Even if I do start contributing/posting stuff in the future, I doubt I'll ever go back to trying to contribute to discussions, either on livejournal or on messageboards or whatever. It's a bit sad to be an adult and to realize that even on the Internet, in Geekdom proper, you can't quite fit in. It's less sad though to find that you don't fit in but you don't care. That's fine. Then you do something else.

In the upcoming months I'll be:

- going to Memphis on spring break to work on clearing Zion Cemetery.
- helping to get our writing conference going for April.
- going to Toronto to perform Play 13 of the Chester Cycle in May.
- possibly (probably?) going to Poland to teach art to Polish kids in an English-immersion summer camp.

By the way, there will be two performances of Play 13 on the Kent Campus in April. At least one of these will be outside because we now have a stage built out by the Honors college. All other details are pretty sketchy as of right now, but I'm sure I'll be promoting it as things get more settled (oh god I hope things get more settled). If you really care about this, there's actually a website now with content on it. Embarrassing content. So that's pretty cool.

I love you. I love you. But I should get back to cleaning now.
Tags: school

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