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Kind of late notice, but oh well...

So if you are in the vicinity of KSU tomorrow, we will be performing our Medieval Drama play one final time in Ohio before we go to Toronto. Sorry for not warning anyone who wanted to see it earlier--one reason for that is because it's in an awkward place, so if you aren't familiar with the Kent campus it can be difficult to get there. The second reason is just that I have been SO BUSY lately that it keeps slipping my mind.

Anyway. Here are the specs:

WHAT: Play 13 of the Chester Cycle (the raising of Lazarus; the anointing of Jesus' feet by Mary Magdalene at the house of Simon the Leper; Jesus' entry into Jerusalem; the destruction of the temple; and Judas' plot)

WHEN: 5/5/10 (tomorrow) at 4:00 pm

COST: FREE! But we do accept donations to pay for food in Toronto.

SEATING: There will be some folding chairs and plenty of grass/standing room. Yes, it's outdoors.

WHERE: Here's the tricky part. This is a map of the Kent Campus. Our stage is behind Stopher and Johnson (the Honors college). That is, it is to the left of what is labeled the "Gym Annex" and to the right of the Art Building. It is by the basketball court (and, uh, the dumpsters). It is up the little hill from the Victory Bell and down the big hill from all the May 4th stuff. If you don't have a KSU parking pass, you park in the big green visitor's lot in front of the MACC and the student center. Basically, if you are wandering anywhere near us you will see us, because we are quite a production.

And if getting there isn't possible, you can always visit our website. If you go to the media tab and then scroll down, you'll see the April 5th run-through, which is the closest thing we have to a performance right now. Jesus doesn't know his lines, but if you just want to see me (Juuuuuudas), I do pretty well (although the rest of the production has tightened up dramatically).
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