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29 October 2001 @ 04:59 am
"When I saw my brother below me..."  
*This was the entry that I thought I didn't have. But I do have it >.< Just keeping it for posterity*

The video for "When It All Goes Wrong Again" is so fucking freaky. O.o;;

Anyway... had to write a poem for Poetry Writing (ah... what else?) where we picked a photo and imagined ourselves in that place. I, naturally, picked out a picture of Art onstage. ^___^ Interestingly enough, I'd had a dream the previous night that I...um... *coughs with embarrassment* wasabackupguitarplayforEverclear. ^^;; Very nice dream.

Anyway. Poem:

"Drug of Choice"

I just wanna be a-
I just wanna be
Amidst stage lights and wires and electricity that
like it's alive
And it's all around me, coiling around me
Snake-like, twisted, and strangling
Squeezing the chords out of me
Like the boa constrictor that it is
Heat and fire and light
Steel and metal
And a man beside me who grips his guitar
In exactly the same way that I do
With nervous white knuckles amd sighs
The crowd is like a living thing
Throngs of people moving in sickening waves
Ever closer
Someday they'll come close enough to swallow me whole
Being onstage is like being a god
Even when you fade into the background
Like your skin has
Been torched

I just wanna
Just wanna be
Be a Rock Star

So, that be the poem. And I just started writing this other thing in English class because I was mad. >.< Low pain tolerance, my ass! *mumble, mumble, grumble*

Ah, we all gaze heavenward
What are we waiting for?
Cherished gods with a superficial charisma
That we worship so hard and fast
Bodies meshed together
Sweating together
Bleeding together
It smells like sex
Dirty fucking in a mass of humid people
Who all love you the same
Current Mood: awakeawake