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Forestalling any entries about actual events to talk about FEVER DREAM

I should have written this when I actually finished the book but I have literally been almost constantly busy and it just wasn't my highest priority. Anyway.

Oh god, these books. I've started describing them to others as being soap operas for people who also like sci-fi and horror mysteries.

And they are most assuredly soap operas. I was reading the book during our trip to Harpers Ferry. Once, when I looked up to give another breathless account of what had just happened, hortonhearsawho preempted me by asking, "So, did you find out whose baby it is?" Without missing a beat I replied, "But I already know whose baby it is!" (It is Diogenes's.) But I got hortonhearsawho to start CoC, so we can read trashy mystery soap operas starring queer albino FBI agents together! Yay!

Anyway, this is the email I wrote kleenexwoman when I finished the book. It says it all, really:

hi bb, i'm home, you should be online because i finished fever dream, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf.


the pseudo-deliverance scene with hayward and her massive tits

pendergast being a mean motherfucker

wtf was judson's motivation? (he and pendergast were totally fucking) (but pendergast loooooooooves d'agosta)

wtf at the "your wife was juicy piece of ass, you two must have had fun" thing. it's like, yeah, right. sure they did. "oh, it was about her research, it was never about our relationship!" um, i'm pretty sure that if i were doing super-exciting research, i would tell my significant other and trust them to keep mum about it, so... yeah, i'm pretty sure that her secrecy said volumes about your relationship. and then this weird dude talking about how hot pendergast's wife was rly doesn't make him more straight, sorry guys.

lol when hayward punched him, that was amazing and also hot. i like bloody pendergast, idk. i imagined him being all like, you think you're the only one who loves him? at her. yes.

In summation: Pendergast and D'Agosta are still a couple. They are trying so super hard to make Pendergast a tragic and heterosexual figure and it's pretty hilarious. Also I think the book actually arrived in bookstores today, so now people should read it and talk about it with me! Yay!

PS, Pendergast needs to stay the fuck out of Africa. D: Gah, wtf, stoppppp thaaaaaat. :(
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