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Play 13 reminder!

If anyone reading this is going to be in or around Toronto on the 23rd at about 2:30 you should come see our play! All the info about where and when the plays will be held is on the site there. Victoria College, University of Toronto. I play Judas. My performance has been described as "Mephistophelean" (apparently I also have the face for it) and reminiscent of Truman Capote. The entire play is awesome. Watch us push the cart too! Fun for all!

We're leaving this morning at eight, but I have to go pick up my costume at the dry cleaner's at seven. That's why I'm up. Actually, I never slept. And I hit a raccoon with my car around 12:30 am this morning. :( IT IS NOT AN OMEN, JUST AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT.

It was my birthday on Tuesday. People were so nice to me, it was unreal. :) I am very happy but also very stressed.
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