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Our play has a "madhouse quality" to it--the best review ever.

Our last supper at the Angola rest stop.

On May 23rd, my medieval drama class ended with us performing play 13 of the Chester Cycle at the University of Toronto. I don't know if I can do a write-up of this any justice, so here are pictures. Lots of pictures. None of which were taken by me, so I send out many thanks to the people who did take them.

Basically, this experience was the closest thing I've ever had to a religious experience. Maybe that was the heatstroke talking, but it was a very emotional day--after an emotional nine months of work put into the project--and it's something that I think a lot of us have already found tough to leave behind, especially after how much we put into it.

IIIIII love you Jesus Christ... Jeeeeeeesus Christ I love you, yes I do.

A couple of notes: I tried to keep pictures of the events in the play chronological, even though photos were taken at all three of stations where we performed. This explains the discontinuity in the backgrounds, since for each play we had to pack up and move slightly down the row to a different set-up and a different audience. This is how these things were put on back in their heyday, so naturally that's how we had to do it.

Also, it was a very warm day and by the end of it I had heatstroke from my costume. You can't really tell from the photos, though, and I guess I'm proud of that. There are undershirt layers, etc. that you can't see, in addition to the shirt, vest, and jacket that you can see, so you can imagine. And since I was onstage nearly all the time, there was no real way for me to stop and cool down. (We planned for much cooler weather, in case you couldn't tell.) Why aren't we wearing medieval garb or robes or something? Because the people in the 1300s to the 1500s would have worn clothing that was in style for them, and the group hosting the Chester Cycle asked people to go for modern dress, in the spirit of the original actors. How many actually did that? Like... three plays, including ours. Which kind of sucked, because modern dress means you have to think on your feet more, and the other plays with modernized costumes were way more fun. Robes are boring. Pissing off traditionalists is fun.

Besides, we got on the favorites list of at least a few of the bigwigs there, and apparently nearly everyone who has spoken to our professors has mentioned me favorably. Apparently my voice is what people really remember about our play, which... yeah.

A lot of the photos I'm posting are from the third station just because it was the only one in the shade, and so I'm not squinting against the sun the entire time.

Once Lazarus is raised, everyone goes to Simon the ex-Leper's house for a party!

Then I leave and come back for Hosannaing and the entry into Jerusalem. Jesus has his "Ah, Jerusalem!" speech and then descends upon the temple with his whip. At this point I'm standing in a structure called the "God Above," which normally serves as Heaven. There's no Heaven in our play, so they let me go up there and be subversive.

At the second station the audience started clapping at the end of the temple scene so I started banging on the railing to make them stop. Apparently, I scared some of my castmates in doing that. I had multiple people in my own play comes up to me and say "You were really scary!" afterward.

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