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Another drive-by update

It's a bit sad that updating has become a bi-yearly affair for me, but it's an unfortunate side effect of working and trying to pull my life together.

My major Internet accomplishment of late was finishing something for Yuletide: La Petit Mort. Re-Animator, Herbert/Dan, in which I combine and condense two ideas I had years ago. It really was an achievement, since I thought I had more time than I actually did, and so I had to spend like three days going to work then going to the library at night to finish first my exam for my LGBT theory class (which was brutal) and then this story. Forced productivity! It does produce results, anyway.

Here is the gift I received, by the way: Alternates. It is Back to the Future gen and very nice. Although it does tickle me that both years I have done Yuletide, I have gotten gen for the fandoms where I had hoped for father/son stuff. :) It is fine, though, since they have both been good gen stories, and I just like reading about the characters (yes, even when there is no sex involved).

I would be lying if I said I missed fandom and Internet and Livejournal stuff. I mean, I miss it... or at least some parts of it. I miss having the time to create, collaborate, and share stuff. Even just stuff like making icons or whatever. I miss that.

I'm writing an honors thesis on sideshow imagery in literature and culture at the moment. Which is great and all, but it definitely means that I should always feel guilty about having fun. So there's that. All I want to do is draw goofy things, but there is so much reading and writing to be done. And then what? Who knows. Life.
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