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Whoa, so I go to update and find a mostly-written entry about last semester's terrible Harry Potter class. I totally don't even remember writing it. Well, the class sucked anyway, and it was a massive source of bitching from my little English nerd group, doubtlessly annoying many but entertaining me. Also the professor managed to say two amazing things, one awesome and one horribly racist. Respectively, these were:

"Why wasn't Dumbledore liberating Auschwitz?"


"So basically he goes for the girl-next-door [Ginny] and not the dragon-lady [Cho]."

I don't think I will ever be able to forget either.

But I drew a picture: Remus and Harry sketch. And I made a presentation about gay werewolf AIDS in class, which should totally have been a wonderful paper, especially because I managed to come up with several very elegant ideas involving queer and monster theory and werewolf mythology. But no. No paper in an upper-division English class. Let's do powerpoints and objective exams instead! Wait, what? Ugh.

I'm currently trying to make myself work on my thesis, which is hard because I'm pretty sure I'm doing Masters-level work and getting Bachelor-level credit, but oh well. Again, I have a very elegant idea that I'm focused on to the exclusion of all else, but it's so goddamned metaphysical. Also I'm probably in a state of mild depression, because I'm unhappy with my job and my social life is kind of fucked up. Also I'm not in Poland right now! Why must a $1500 plane ticket keep me from Poland!? :(

Things I have been consuming lately and am burning to talk about: Discworld and Archer. I know, these are two very different things.

Also I suck at lj, so if you want to be facebook friends, I can tell you that I am slightly more lively there. Leave me a comment and I'll sneakily give you my id, I guess. Then we can friend each other and pretend to be facebook populars.
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