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Dead flowers...

Depressed again. Well, I usually am. I hide it well, aye? Well, not really. I'm really bad at hiding things. I've just given up on hiding the scars. Miss Atkins made me talk to her about it (forcibly grabbed my wrist and dragged me from the room) and Rachelle made me show her and then asked me what I use. *shrugs* Ok, whatever. Life goes on.

It's so tempting, though. I'm not so sure I want to die; I don't think I've accomplished what I need to accomplish. But I'm becoming less and less sure of what it is I do need to accomplish before I die. Besides, the attention makes an overdose or something seem really tempting. Which is awfully stupid, especially because I don't normally like a lot of attention. But I do. >.< Which is why I feel so fucking torn right now.

Besides, negative actions get you a lot more attention than positive actions. Heh... No one really gives a shit about the "positive" things I do. Why bother?

Why bother, indeed?

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