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Halloween Americana

Today is Halloween day at school... ^^

I am dressed up as Zoot from "The Tribe". Bad bit about that is, being that it's a New Zealand tv show that the general population doesn't watch, I have to keep explaining who/what I am. Still, everyone seems to think it's a good costume. ^_____^;; Which amuses me because it took so little effort on my part. Some girls in choir didn't know it was me and Rachelle said "Stephanie, you always come up with the strangest costume ideas."

I think I look cute though. My sillouette really looks like Zoot. It's freaky to look at my shadow.

The other good bit is that I saw someone dressed up as Seifer! Hee... It was one of those sort-of dorky guys who are in all the CAD and engineering classes... but still. I wanted to run up and glomp him. Actually, I'd been thinking about dressing up as Squall... it occured to me that it could be great fun to run around hugging random Seifers when you're Squall.

Random Lagunas would be even better though. ^__~ Mreeooow. I have a friend who went to a con; she saw two people dressed up as Trowa and one guy dressed as Heero, so she got them to stand together for pictures. She tried to get them to kiss, but that freaked 'em out a bit.

Strange friends... ^____^ Love you, Zero-honey!

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